Une belle histoire de l’Homme

What makes us different? Is genetic diversity visible to the naked eye? Are we the only ones with speech? Bipedalism, laughter, the soul… is there any one criterion that can define human beings? Who were the first representatives of the human lineage? Did Lucy walk like we do? How do we know how prehistoric tools were used? Does virgin nature exist? Will the humans of tomorrow be augmented humans? What will we look like (or not) in the future?

These questions are answered by the researchers involved in creating the new Musée de l’Homme, under the supervision of biologist and general commissioner of the renovation Évelyne Heyer. Specialists of ecology and ethnoecology, primatologists, palaeontologists, biologists and ethnobiologists, geographers, archaeologists, and demographers shed light on universal themes such as humans and nature, human genetic diversity, life in society, languages and music, the origins of humankind, the march of science, and globalization.

Each question and answer are treated on a double page, illustrated with photos and explanations. The concise texts, accessible to all, help put our ideas in perspective and open possible horizons for humans and our future.

Une belle histoire de l’Homme
(in French)
Sous la direction d’Évelyne Heyer
Préface d’Yves Coppens
Éditions Flammarion / Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle
144 pages
25 euros

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