Drawing on his experience as a palaeontologist, Yves Coppens reflects on our future as humans and the major issues of tomorrow: ecology, demography, geopolitics, ethics, etc. He affirms, loud and clear, that working on the human subject is a daily commitment that requires vigilant participation and dialogue on the part of society.

Using his well-known talent for story-telling, Lucy’s co-discoverer gives us an all-new, lively account of evolution. Each of the contributors, from fields as varied as philosophy, the social sciences and genetics, draws on their research experience to offer an unique view of what it means to be human by unravelling enlightening thread of human existence.

Devenir humains
(in French)
Collection "Manifeste"
Edited by Yves Coppens
Éditions Autrement / Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
144 pages
19 euros

Devenir humain Manifeste, sous la direction d’Yves Coppens, par domenech@mnhn.fr

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