SDedicated to fulfilling its educational mission and committed to issues of social inclusion, the museum’s visitors services department works closely with the public to match access and community outreach with needs.

Musée de l’Homme visitors

The men and women who visit the Musée de l’Homme are unique individuals. Their physical and sensory capacities differ, as does their faculty of concentration, understanding and memorization. The cultural policy of the establishment is betting on the acknowledgement of people, their history, their cultures and how they relate to others and the world as a means of reducing the risk of exclusion and reclusion. The issue is to bridge meaning, values and cultural practices through exhibits that encourage everyone to participate in cultural actions.

Working upstream to integrate all visitors, in particular those with disabilities or who do not usually frequent cultural sites saves precious time. Outreach is an endeavour in the public interest, in the broadest possible sense, in view of creating accessibility for all, from access to the building itself to access to the contents exhibited. This is the driving conviction of the visitor services staff dedicated to studying the representations, needs and ways of adapting materials for the transmission of knowledge and information.

This approach focuses on meeting directly with concerned visitor populations. On one hand it entails asking the right questions about usage and public understanding of circulation and perception of the museum in order to get a better grasp of the mobility chain, and on the other, the approach to and understanding of the messages as well as participation by the various types of visitors who frequent the museum.

A participative approach

Before opening, the Musée de l’Homme chose a participative approach, involving users in a form of “co-construction” for future visitors. Visitor studies were launched to identify representations of the Musée de l’Homme, to acquire more ample information on expectations and test possible activities in order to create partnerships to best bring the museum offer in line with visitor need expectations.