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Spaces of the Musée de l'Homme

  • Galerie de l’homme - Où allons-nous ? © MNHN - Jean-Christophe Domenech

    Where are we headed?

    How has today’s globalized world come about? Will we all one day live the same way? Is globalization actually creating new differences? ...

  • Auditorium Jean Rouch © MNHN - JC Domenech

    Jean Rouch Auditorium

    The Jean Rouch Auditorium is both a historic and resolutely contemporary space and as such is emblematic of the Musée de l’Homme as a...

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  • Balcon des Sciences © MNHN - JC Domenech

    Balcon des sciences

    The Balcon des sciences (Balcony of sciences) is original in its location, its content and its potential for renewal. An adaptable space...

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    Admission free

  • Portée des bustes - Galerie de l’Homme - Qui sommes-nous ? © MNHN - Jean-Christophe Domenech

    Who are we?

    What is a human being? What makes us different from other species? Our body? Our genes? Our imagination? Our empathy? How do we as...