Balcon des sciences

The Balcon des sciences (Balcony of sciences) is original in its location, its content and its potential for renewal. An adaptable space, it gives the visitor a behind-the-scenes look at our laboratory museum and a chance to meet museum scientists thanks to a regularly scheduled programme, a researcher on the balcony.

A real balcony in the heart of the atrium

An open flow
The Balcon des sciences is the most visible and open of the interactive spaces. Located on level 2, it offers a follow-up experience to a visit of the Galerie de l’Homme before entering the temporary exhibition hall or stopping in at Café Lucy. It is also directly accessible by elevator from the entrance hall. Davioud’s original glass ceiling provides daylight for the presentation space, which is delimited by an airy wing-like wooden structure that overlooks the atrium.

A flexible presentation space
Visitors can explore the Balcon des sciences in any order. The presentation area consists of two long wooden tables that face each other, where detachable backings of uniform size (70 x 70 cm) can be inserted for easy renewal of content. Information is accessible in the form of twenty or so modules that alternate between texts and images, objects under glass, tactile objects and interactive multimedia.

A Window Into Research

Behind the scenes at the laboratory museum
The permanent area of the Balcon des sciences introduces the visitor to the world of research and deals with how the “Centre for research on human evolution and societies” functions : the approach of the research teams, their fields of expertise and working methods inside and outside the museum laboratories. Concise information is proposed in the form of activities, multimedia, hands-on exhibits, interviews and videos.

Echoes of the advance of science
The temporary exhibition space comes to life thanks to the museum’s changing programme and the latest research. In the “News” section, an object from the collection or a recent acquisition is displayed. A section devoted to scientific “Briefs” in the form of images and dispatches follows the latest scientific and research news from around the world.

The theme exhibition section provides a more in-depth look at the cultural programme (conferences, science days, etc.) and presents the results of our research teams.

Find the complete programme for the Balcon des sciences in the events calendar (French only).

A Researcher On The Balcony

Museum scientists, lab technicians and doctoral students meet the public.

Find the complete programme for the Balcon des sciences in the events calendar (French only).