Temporary Exhibitions spaces

Each year, from October to July, the museum will host a theme-based temporary exhibition. These regular events are intended to make the museum a place where people are encouraged to think and talk about issues related to Humankind, our origins, and what our future holds.


Versatile Spaces

Spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions, forming a horseshoe around the Atrium, can be accessed upon exiting the permanent collections, or directly from the welcome hall. Three rooms, which can be opened or closed depending on the project, cover a total of 650 m2. Windows can be screened by a system of partitions offering extra hanging surfaces.

Thematic Exhibitions

Idea-based museum studies
Programming over the next four years testifies to the sheer range of possibilities when it comes to themes featured in the Galerie de l’Homme, and, more specifically, to the museum’s commitment to addressing social issues. The presence of researchers and collections on-site, and the synergies between the different disciplines within the Centre for research on human evolution and societies, are tremendous assets when it comes to introducing and developing ideas for temporary exhibitions on topics that span several disciplines. New audiences will undoubtedly be drawn to a place where themes that speak to them are aired, from pre-history to the present day, at the crossroads of biology and the human sciences, bringing together the contributions of human, social, life and earth sciences, and providing a reason to come, or come back, to the Musée de l’Homme.

Humans and society: a wide range of thematic possibilities
When it comes to themes, the possibilities are endless: the history and origins of human populations in major world regions; advances in scientific techniques likely to boost our knowledge of history and evolution of the human race; societal issues such as gender, race and racism, nature vs nurture, social and biological filiation; diverse representations of the self, the world, death and stages of life; relations between humans and our environment, the impact of our activity on our species in terms of archaeology and history, but also for the present and future.

Resolutely Committed Researchers

A cross-disciplinary approach by pairs of scientists and an outside commissioner
The design of the temporary exhibitions will be entrusted to a two-person scientific team consisting of a museum researcher and a research associate, who will be joined by an expert from the outside. A scientific committee made up of specialists and a larger advisory panel will assist the pair throughout the major steps of the design process.

A far-reaching strategy
Thanks to the sheer diversity of disciplines evoked, and cross-disciplinary subjects chosen with modern concerns in mind, temporary exhibitions may be mounted in tandem with other research bodies or museums. The idea is to extend their reach far beyond the museum walls, to other museums with a focus on civilization, science or social sciences, at national, European, or even international level.

Programme for the temporary exhibitions

Find the complete programme for the temporary exhibitions in the events calendar (French only).