Museum manifesto. Migrations

After the success of its founding manifesto, Quel futur sans nature? (What future without nature?), published in 2017, the MNHN continues to take part in public debate with the release of this second opus devoted to migration. A powerful choice that shines a spotlight on a phenomenon that is more relevant than ever.


The Migrations manifesto investigates the phenomenon of migration in the living world by drawing on the invaluable analytical tools provided by Natural History. In presenting a time-based approach, it aims to shed light on a complex issue that is all too often reduced to its controversial aspects, and to help citizens untangle the misconceptions that are wrongly circulated in public opinion. From the migrant crisis that has hit Western Europe particularly hard, to the displacement of the Rohingya population and the construction of border walls (Hungary, Mexico), migration has dominated the international agenda in recent years and has created a sense of anxiety that is undermining the very fabric of our society.

This new Manifesto, which comes from a collaborative effort, is at the intersection of a number of scholarly disciplines such as sociology, history, demographics, biology, ethnology, anthropology and philosophy. It offers crucial insights that will help to comprehend and decode the phenomenon of migration without being either overly optimistic or dramatic.

The other strength of this Manifesto is its ethical value. In the face of the unavoidable reality of migration, hospitality appears to be a defining characteristic that sets humans apart from other creatures. This is the scientific approach that natural history provides to address this far-reaching issue and encourage public reflection.

Initiated by the President of the MNHN, Bruno David, this series of manifestos should allow us to reflect on the role and necessity of natural history in contemporary societies.


Aline Averbouh ◊ Frédérique Chlous ◊ Bruno David ◊ Évelyne Heyer ◊ Frédéric Jiguet ◊ Hervé Le Bras ◊ Guillaume Lecointre ◊ Jacques Lévy ◊ Sylvie Mazzella ◊ Gilles Pison ◊ Jocelyne Streiff-Fenart ◊ Christine Verna ◊ Yves Charles Zarka

Co-publication Reliefs / Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle
Bilingual edition
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